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Review of a Course to Help You Launch Your Podcast

Learn how to create and launch a successful podcast with John Lee Dumas in this free course. All you need is a plan, a bit of equipment, and motivation!

Recently, I took the Podcast Course by John Lee Dumas, host of the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast.


I came across this compact course in the Class Central catalog and wondered about making a series of podcasts. Back in 2018 I created a podcast for my blog, but it was a scary process and I didn’t make any others. This course was helpful by discussing many aspects of producing a podcast.

History and Instructor

This YouTube playlist was created in 2014. While some aspects are rather dated, most of the material is perennial advice, and not just for podcasters. Many of the strategies discussed in this useful course can be applied to all kinds of businesses, both online and brick-and-mortar.

Launch your podcast.

John Lee Dumas openly shares his podcast journey from conception and planning through launch (and the fears before launch) to building audience and income. His nearly 4000 episodes have been listened to more than 134 million times and generate a monthly income of over $100,000.


Top 5 reasons for failure.

Since there are no graded assessments and no certificate, success would be better measured by the results: producing a thriving podcast series or even a single podcast. This comprehensive course discusses everything from deciding on your podcast subject and format, to common pitfalls and strategies for success. John Lee Dumas explains how to stay focussed on the project with the Pomodoro Technique, how to make decisions easier, and we can all relate to the Imposter Syndrome that caused him to needlessly delay launching his podcast for over a month. The fear of failure is very real!

One video is devoted to the Podcaster’s Paradise, a paid community that is the biggest income generator from the podcast. But it isn’t hard to sell, we learn why people want to join the community and are willing to pay money to do so. It’s another example of a successful online business built off the podcast.


Really, to create your own podcast, all you need is a plan, a bit of equipment, and motivation. How do you keep motivated? Motivation is discussed at length, with the value of a mentor (and how to find a mentor) explained fully.

Grading and Certificate

Because this course is a YouTube playlist, there is no graded option and no certificate.

Time Commitment

I binge-watched the course videos in one day and spent little time thinking about my strategy for making a podcast. At the moment I’m simply considering the idea. If I decide to create a podcast, I’ll revisit the videos to help me prepare and implement my plan.


Podcast Artwork.

If you are considering producing a podcast, this is an excellent training course that discusses all aspects of planning, creating, and maintaining your podcast. Not just what equipment and hosting you will need, but also how to overcome issues such as finding topics and guest speakers, avoiding common mistakes, and monetizing your podcast. And the best thing? John Lee Dumas makes you believe that you too can create a successful podcast.

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