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As part of Class Central’s experiments on social learning, we're organizing a Cohort on TOEFL Speaking. For two weeks, beginning Feb 14, we'll study the TOEFL Speaking Series and meet twice a week over Zoom to practice together.

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Completed Feb 14, 2022

299 learners enrolled

I'm an ESL teacher from Brazil. For the past year or so, I've been preparing students for the TOEFL exam. In 2013, I studied for IELTS intensely for 3 months while I was in Ireland. I've decided to take the TOEFL myself, so I can feel what my students feel.

As part of Class Central’s experiment on social learning, I’m organizing a Cohort on TOEFL Speaking for the second time. We’ve had our first group in Nov 2021 and it was a hit! Here is a quote from one of our learners, Kerem Kart:

“I’d like to share my TOEFL exam result I got after the cohort. I think it is a relatively good score, especially if you consider that I prepared for this daunting exam for only one and half months, so this is a success story! I’d been thinking of taking the TOEFL exam for a long time, but I couldn’t dare to do it before. However, this cohort has given me motivation to take the exam, because we learned a lot of useful information as well as tips and tricks about it during the cohort.”

For two weeks, beginning on February 14, we will study the TOEFL Speaking Series and meet twice a week over Zoom to practice together. The Cohort welcomes everyone.

Zoom Sessions

During the Zoom sessions, I will provide rubrics similar to the ones TOEFL examiners use to score your performance, so you can receive real-time feedback from your peers and me. In addition, this will be a great chance to test yourself and practice speaking in public. If the group is too big, we can create breakout rooms so everybody will have the opportunity to speak during the sessions.

Here's when we'll meet and the topics we'll practice:

  • Feb 16: Personal opinions
  • Feb 18: Campus-related topics
  • Feb 23: Important academic issues
  • Feb 25: Academic lectures

Come join us!

Meet the Expert

Fabio Dantas


I’m an ESL instructor working 100% online since 2019 with a background in chemical engineering.

Schedule Feb 14th, 2022 – Feb 27th, 2022

  • Week 1W1 February 14th – February 20th

    • 1.1

      Personal opinions

    • 1.2

      Campus-related topics

  • Week 2W2 February 21st – February 27th

    • 2.1

      Important academic issues

    • 2.2

      Academic lectures

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