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University of Leeds

Learning Online: Managing Your Online Identity

University of Leeds via FutureLearn


Many of us now have an online identity running alongside our everyday lives. In this course you’ll consider your online presence; you’ll discover how what we say and do online can have major implications for our real lives, and those of others. You’ll also spend time looking at how to assess and enhance your online identities to ensure that you can get the most out of being yourself online.

This course is just one of a series about ‘learning online’, which introduces you to the essential skills and tools you need to study effectively online.

This course is part of the Going to University collection which has been specifically designed for students at schools and colleges. They provide a taster of undergraduate study at the University of Leeds and help students to decide which subject to study at university.

Completion of the courses will also enhance students’ university applications.

The courses can also be used as a teachers’ classroom enrichment resource.

Courses in this collection are also great for people that want an introduction in the specific subjects discussed in each course..

Taught by

Helen Howard and Raphael Hallett


4.5 rating, based on 25 reviews

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    This course was very informative and enjoyable. Well structures, and the quizzes in particular were very good fun, entertaining, and educational.

    This course has made me aware of the importance of thinking before writing anything online, of the importance not to unwittingly offend anyone, or to subject myself to criticism.

    This was a course I enjoyed very much, and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of creating an online presence.

    Thank You.
  • Anonymous
    The presentation or teaching of course syllabus or syllabi through a computer system. Learning takes place through the explicit use of technology and computer networking systems. Learn more in: START Model in Science Teaching2.The application of online...
  • Anonymous
    The presentation or teaching of course syllabus or syllabi through a computer system. Learning takes place through the explicit use of technology and computer networking systems. Learn more in: START Model in Science Teaching2.The application of online...
  • Profile image for Rahela Akter Khanum
    Rahela Akter Khanum
    Hello everyone.Good morning to you all .In this lovely morning my heartiest falicitation and greetings to you all.Let me first introduce myself.I am Rahela Akter Khanum.I am from Bangladesh.In this moment I am doing "managing your online identity "course.By doing this course I have learned many things about online activity and privacy technic .I recommend everyone to do this course for their betterment of life.
  • Anonymous
    A very practical and useful course. It stimulates you to really think about your actions online - how they can affect you and others.

    It's helpful in avoiding pitfalls and making sure you show yourself in your best light, both socially and professionally.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    This course is easy to follow and gives an insight into the world of online usage and how it affects yourself and others, as well as keeping you safe.
    I would suggest you take this course to see where you are with online regarding your identity.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    this is a very useful course especially for someone like me who is just beginning to use the different social media platforms. i learned a lot and i will use them in establishing my online presence. thank you so much.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    It is a nice course for those who are undergraduated or who are new on the Internet world.
    I found it helpful and interesting.
  • Anonymous
    Brief overview on the possibilities and pitfalls of having an online identity.

    I recommend the course to inexperienced social media users.

    The excercises along the way are very interesting but in general informations are not explored in depth.

    Helpful to assess what type of online profile would be useful to you and if you might need separate accounts
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    The course was informative not that much for a person in the communication and brand management industries like me but would completely be viewed differently by someone not in the field. It serves as basic eye-opener and would with my experience and active participant on social media, recommend it to many as per my observation of how people fail themselves ad their brand/reputation on social media. Many need the course but I they then aware of existence of such free courses? It would be appreciated and beneficial is more marketing of the course could be more targeted on South Africans particularly via Facebook and Twitter as most 'play' there. All in all, a good self-awareness course. Thanks for all the engagements and insights.
  • Jean-Maurice Huard
    This course will be of interest to those who want to learn how to present themselves and make themselves understood, while protecting their privacy and respecting others. I found it useful, without much difficulty. It is an excellent start, hence the five stars.
  • Anonymous
    I looooooove it because it contains a lot of important advices and creative ideas it's a professional term of studies full of important exercises
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    This course gave a lot of valuable insight into managing your online presence , especially for a beginner in the online world . A good mix of articles , video and quizzes to keep things interesting . Nice to be able to connect with the other learners and see what they can add to the learning. I will be taking more courses !
  • Anonymous
    Excellent course to understand the importance of maintaining an online prence in a safe and secure way, while avoiding the harms. Thank you University of Leeds and all the people who prepared this course!
  • Sheena Mariam Swarup
    Informative ,interesting and simply put up specially for all those who are new to the online medium of communication .Well explained and informative .The quiz was the most interesting part of the course.
  • Anonymous
    It was very interesting and well organized.I reall enjoyed being part of this course.

    Perhaps in the future, i would be more useful to introduce videos which would be more illustrating the material.
  • PERCE-NEIGE completed this course, spending 1 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be very easy.

    Basic reflexion about the way other people see you online, and the private data, but it's a short course. I would have liked more cases, how to find info about someone to understand what kind of unwanted footprints we can leave behind us. It's not technical enough, it's very general. I liked the Justine Succo's case.
  • Marta Sofia Fialho Dores Gomes

    Marta Sofia Fialho Dores Gomes is taking this course right now, spending 2 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be very easy.

    The course provided with excellent tips and useful advices on how to manage the online presence. I highly recommend to anyone. Thank you very much!
  • Anonymous
    I have enjoyed this course. It is well organized and and easy to follow with wonderful resources. I think everyone can learn something from this course.

  • Anonymous
    A short, but usefull course about how to use your onlice identity. The outline the do's and don'ts of an online profile.

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