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Protecting Business Innovations via Copyright

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Protecting Business Innovations Via Copyright

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Intellectual property rights (IPR) has a great impact on innovation development and society. In Science, Engineering, and Business, we seek to create wealth through innovation in products, designs, manufacturing processes, and business systems or models. However, innovation leaders often FAIL to benefit from their discoveries and inventions when they are unable to adequately protect those innovations. Learn the basics of copyright, copyright infringement, derivative works/parody and copyright related to software.

This course provides learners with an understanding of Copyright law and how it can be used to protect business innovation. The course focus is on protecting innovations with copyright as one of several tools that can be used by companies and individuals to protect creative innovations. In additional to learning about how copyright works in theory, we will also discuss situations in which copyright might not be effective in protecting innovations, and will focus on the legal issues involved from a practical business perspective rather than from a purely legal viewpoint. This course is one part of a four course series focusing on protection of business innovations using copyright, patent, trademark and strategy, and these four courses may be taken in any order that is most beneficial to students interested in learning about protecting innovation.

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3. Patent:
4. Strategy:


  • Introduction to Copyright
    • Welcome to this course on Protecting Business Innovations via Copyright! How do companies protect their intellectual property, creative innovations and ensure they keep their customers happy? Over the next four weeks you will gain insight on how companies navigate the world of Copyright, Copyright limitations, Derivative work and Software Protection. As you go through the materials, you may have your own copyright related questions or scenarios that pop-up, feel free to post them in the discussion forum so we can try to apply strategic approaches learned in the course. Take some time to review the assignments, grading and general course guidelines for this course. Week 1 will cover the basics of copyright and will introduce the general terms that will be used in later weeks.
  • Copyright Limitations
    • Fair use is the largest area of exceptions of copyright. It is not a right, it is a defense. This week will cover the rules of fair use, how companies apply it, fair use limitations and will introduce more copyright limitations you should be aware of.
  • Derivative Work & Parody
    • This will explore other rights within Copyright Law. I will introduce derivative works and parody with lots of interesting examples like the Beach Boys, Weird Al and Annoying Orange. We encourage you to interact with the examples by going to YouTube or other suggested sites to view them as you go through the lecture videos.
  • Protecting Software Innovations
    • Software innovations is a special area of Copyright. This will week cover how companies protect software innovations with case studies like video games and Virtual Reality software. It will also cover the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which is a US Law but how it can affect companies around the world. Find out how companies navigate the interesting world of software and DMCA.
  • Final Exam
    • You've reached the final exam week! Complete the final exam and post-course survey. Your feedback can help us improve future iterations of the course. Good luck on the exam and hope to see you in ALL our upcoming courses for Protecting Business Innovations via: Copyright, Patent, Trademark and Strategy

Taught by

Theodore Henry King CLARK


4.9 rating, based on 62 Class Central reviews

4.8 rating at Coursera based on 149 ratings

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  • Anonymous
    The course is excellent. It gives a wide understanding of copyrights - both in theory and in practice, including many exceptions in copyrights. The most important aspects are the differences between particular countries – including how different copyrights are in China.
  • Profile image for Farheen Hawaldar
    Farheen Hawaldar
    This course gives you awareness about protecting the copyrights. Also provides you with good knowledge about various copyrights, parodies and derivative work. Helps you deal with real world examples or IPR. Also help your business to be secured.
  • Gavin Tse
    This is a very useful course. Thank Professor Clark making this difficult subject in a systematic way understand and apply. Though there are still a lot of exceptions I suppose. I will take the other three courses as well and I am sure these concepts will lead me to a thoughtful mind of handling every new business.
  • Anonymous
    excellent and detailed course. broadened my horizons regarding protecting business innovations via copyright. learnt some things which will definitely help me in the future.
  • Anonymous
    First and foremost the professor is an absolute delight to watch.We seldom come across with professors like that who just captivate your mind and create interest in the topics.It opened a whole new area for me.I for one didnt know.much about IP but after completing the classes on copyright.I think I might pursue career as IPR lawyer.

    I come from a small town named Jorhat,l in the state of Assam,India.I wouldnt have known much about IPR but thanks coursera and Theodore Henry Clark.I respect you.
  • Anonymous
    This was a very excellent course. This course helped me understand copyright in a very informative and detailed manner with interesting examples. Over here they also test your knowledge which is really nice as you learn a lot of things and the practical applicability of Copyright in real life. Over all this course has helped me in understand the subject of Copyright very well.
  • Anonymous
    Must recommend from legal point of view. Excellent excellent course. The course has references from Case laws, concepts are explained well. It brought a lot of clarity. It covers everything. Definitely the time. I really recommend it. Also, it clarifies about all the rights that a person gets under Copyright, links it to software, etc. Comprehensive and worth time.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    This course broaden my view on copyright. Particularly on the parody, fair use and translation. I have a British friend who wrote a book on TRIZ and on one conference she mentioned to me that some Chinese have translated her book and she did not know what to do. Through this course I realize that translation is a transformative work in China and it's legal to do that without permission from original author. The best way to solve the problem is to have someone translate the original work into Chinese and registered that in China. Thus all the puzzle is solved. However, I must say that even that people may do that legally in China, he/she may lose the goodwill of reputation. After all, each man should do things according to his conscience.
  • Profile image for Hrusikesh Nishank
    Hrusikesh Nishank
    I absolutely loved Prof. CLARK and am grateful for the opportunity to be able to take this course.

    The course was gripping throughout, was extremely systematic and contained a lot of real world examples and case studies.

    I really hope to use these concepts in my professional career in a fruitful way.
  • Anonymous
    Great course for beginners who are learning copyrights. Instructor covered all aspects well. Topics were clearly explained well. It was easy and simple to understand and follow the course till the end. Ultimately it was fun to learn. I would recommend to anyone who is new to copyrights law.
  • Anonymous
    This course helped me in increasing better understanding of copyright as one of the intellectual property right. The course was designed in a way that covered all the major aspects that are required to learn in the copyright.
  • Anonymous
    There is so much to learn! The lecturer explains each lesson very clearly and I appreciate all the examples provided to make understanding the concepts so much easier and enjoyable at the same time.
  • Anonymous
    I took this course to learn about how to protect creative ideas that I want to implement to increase my income. It is an updated course relevant to today's digital world. Highly recommended.
  • Anonymous
    Basic to intermediate knowledge on copyrights and other related laws and case studies. The way of teaching is very conducive to learning. Very much helpful. Thank you for this course.
  • Anonymous
    I've really loved this course. The course teacher gives the complete information in a very comfortable form. Sure information provided by him will be useful during my work. Thank you.
  • Anonymous
    Un curso gratuito excelente. Me ha parecido muy completo, ahora mismo estoy haciendo otro de la WIPO y ya conozco muchos datos gracias a este otro que hice antes. Lo recomiendo.
  • Anonymous
    I enjoyed the learning experience this course offered. The instructor was very good good. he was thorough, and had light-hearted moments that went well with the pace.
  • Anonymous
    This was a great course with many practical examples. The learning experience was amazing and I enjoyed completing all the lecture videos as well as the assignments.
  • Anonymous
    That was really a fantastic course. I will take other courses related to IP which is giving my the instructor. Amazing course, definitely recommend.
  • Anonymous
    This is a very interesting and informative course. The teacher did a very good job explaining and breaking down the concepts with detailed examples.

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