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University of Leeds

Learning Online: Researching Your Project

University of Leeds via FutureLearn


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In this course, you’ll explore the rich and diverse range of information available to you online, how to use search tools effectively, and the ways in which you can begin to assess information that you might want to use in your studies. Using a wide range of learning activities, you will be challenged to dig deeper and think critically about the information that you find online.

This course is just one of a series about ‘learning online’, which introduces you to the essential skills and tools you need to study online.

This course is part of the Going to University collection which has been specifically designed for students at schools and colleges. They provide a taster of undergraduate study at the University of Leeds and help students to decide which subject to study at university.

Completion of the courses will also enhance students’ university applications.

The courses can also be used as a teachers’ classroom enrichment resource.

Courses in this collection are also great for people that want an introduction in the specific subjects discussed in each course.


  • Finding information online
    • Welcome
    • What are you searching for?
    • Searching the internet
    • Conducting your research
    • Summary
  • Finding and using sources
    • Finding and using sources
    • Where to find sources
    • Critically evaluating your sources
    • Constructing your own opinion from your sources
    • End of course summary

Taught by

Raphael Hallett and Angela Newton


4.5 rating, based on 48 Class Central reviews

4.6 rating at FutureLearn based on 73 ratings

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  • Anonymous
    The teaching plan was well thought out. At the beginning the tutor asks for input on what we hope to learn and get out of the course which is good way to start. The course had step by step instructions and teaching by topic. The exercises were…
  • Anonymous
    The course is quite complete as regards research online. I have taken it to see what new aspects of researching I might use with my 6th form high school students as they are entering university next year. To my surprise, I found quite a few inter…
  • Robert Hall
    Last week I finished Google's free course at:

    Today I finished this one and got all the answers right on the final test.

    Google's course was more comprehensive overall.

    The course here was aimed at students and did a good job with that in mind.
    I would like to see a much more thorough course that blended the two together and had more examples of what good researchers thought of the correct answers. Add a printable page of operators, a list of search engines and what they do best and include fact checking like:
    Well done though and certainly worth time and effort.
  • Anonymous
    This was an extremely valuable course which i absolutely enjoyed completing. it was a valuable resource to start my research for my EPQ project and i would definitely recommend it to anyone needing help on research fr your EPQ. it provided me with information to further my research in a critical and evaluative manner, showing me how to use my search engines to gain different results relating to my chosen topics. it provides a great insight in the uses of research. i would recommend to anyone.
  • Anonymous
    I was a bit rusty in my thinking and definite sluggish in my ability to research. This course quickly helped me identify the key factors in verifying the authenticity of my research sources and gave me the confidence to now embark on some rigourous research. And I am immensely grateful that the course was free!!! Thankyou!
  • Anonymous
    A practical and well structured course which would help students, school, undergraduate, post graduate in researching information for projects. The note taking template I found very useful as before I transcribed notes and did not use the critical thinking model which meant that notes were not as useful when going back to them for projects. The information on using a search engine effectively when researching a topic was most useful.
  • Anonymous
    I mostly use google as a search tool I only found useful but with this course my eyes have been open to alot of search tools and database like Google scholar, Worldcat, ResearchGate, PubMed, Web of science etc. Also searching for a word phrase on google I will have to go through all result to find out best answer,but with what I have learnt, I may not need go through those stress again.
    Thanks for the privilege.
  • Anonymous
    The course was brilliant and very informative.
    It tells you more about the things you think you already know.
    The way to use of Boolean Operators, use of other web search places and advanced databases was really helpful. It also provides with the template in note-taking which is something you can use in your research to avoid plagiarism, in particular. And description on how to do critical thinking is also included in the course which is very good. This course also provides you with list of sources for managing notes and references which can be very helpful in your research.
  • Anonymous
    I found this programme easy and informative to do. I really enjoyed being part of this as it informed with lot of information that i was not aware of before. I found it interesting because there was a range of thing s to do it had video ,quizzes, questionnaire and many more.
  • Anonymous
    When I joined the course, I was hoping for more detail . But realized later that the course has been designed to teach basics. Still, it managed to teach me a lot although I'm not a beginner. The content and tools in the second week of course are just amazingly beneficial!
  • Anonymous
    The course was thought-provoking. I really enjoyed the quizzes and the comments section (which left a lot open to interpretation). 

    I would highly recommend this course, to anyone wishing to explore research and critical thinking. 
  • Anonymous
    My research methodology was sloppy before I started this course, but as I progressed, it helped me formulate and refine my research methods. This is a great course! Highly recommended.
  • Anonymous
    The course was really helpful in giving me a foundation to boost future research. I am more confident in my researching skills. Thank you Futurelearn and University of Leeds!
  • Anonymous
    I will love to appreciate the fantastic course on research development process. I learn some new approaches on critical thinking and ideal formulation. This include the review of existing research to support broaden your idea. Evaluate alternatives interpretation and ideas and finally support your argument with evidence you will need to be include into research and data which will support your facts.
  • Anonymous
    Amazing intiative.
    It had helped me alot developing my skills.
    It's something that I have never done online.
    Thank you..
  • Anonymous
    This is a really informative course. Presented in a clear manner and including a lot of very useful tips and references.
  • Anonymous
    Brilliant course and well structured .

    Informative and useful

    Taught me new techniques and enhanced my creativity
  • Anonymous
    Great course learnt how to search online what techniques to use and the right words. I would recommend this course
  • Profile image for Abdullah Oladipupo
    Abdullah Oladipupo
    This course is a very good one for students and those interested in research. It uses a simply style to educate and enlighten me about researching without complications and consequences. From searching for materials online to preventing any form of intellectual theft; plagiarism, appropriate way to cite a material among others.
  • Anonymous
    Thank you to the source team for this excellent, well-constructed course. Although extremely challenging it was also very enjoyable. An amazing amount was covered in just 2 weeks, namely how to search more effectively and efficiently using various…

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