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Jazz for the Curious Guitarist

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This is a complete jazz guitar lessons class. Beginner to advanced. Learn rhythm & chords, soloing, & jazz guitar theory.

*Be sure to download the PDF in the Projects & Resources section.  (It's called "Jazz for the Curious Guitarist - PDF.")  It's 93 pages long & contains all the text & tabs that you'll need for this class.  (If you have issues downloading it from your mobile device, then download it from a computer or laptop.)  Don't wait - get it now!

Welcome to Jazz for the Curious Guitarist! If you are ready to finally learn how to play real jazz guitar, then this class is for you. I will take you from the very beginning to show you the basics of guitar playing through to a high level of jazz in which you'll have knowledge of all chords that exist, basic & advanced scales & arpeggios, rhythm, and music & guitar theory.

I'll start the class assuming that you don't play guitar at all. I assume you are a complete beginner. The first 7 or 8 videos are all about teaching you the guitar basics to get you ready for the jazz lessons. The title of most videos will include the PDF page number to reference.

The lessons are cumulative (each lesson builds on the previous lesson.) We will work extensively on chords, scales, arpeggios, rhythm, music theory, and various jazz concepts.

Any kind of six-string guitar will work well for this course - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or classical guitar.

Class Requirements:

  • This class is for everyone - including complete beginners!
  • You only need a guitar - any guitar with six strings.
  • We will start at the very beginning.

Who this class is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn jazz guitar.
  • Complete beginner guitar players.
  • Intermediate guitar players.
  • Advanced guitarists.

What you'll learn:

  • Learn how to play jazz guitar!
  • Learn how to solo using every arpeggio!
  • Extensive music theory to allow you to teach yourself.
  • Learn how to play & construct any scale that exists.
  • Learn all of the relative modes throughout the fretboard.
  • Guitar basics for beginners or as a refresher.
  • Multiple advanced scales & soloing techniques!
  • Chord progressions & practice jam examples.
  • Use tablature and learn to read music.
  • Learn about altered theory!

It's well-known that many of the best guitarists in the world are jazz guitarists, so we have a lot of work to do, but I will get you there as quickly as I can! I know exactly what you need to learn. I know exactly how to teach you.

I'm excited that you're here! The world needs more jazz guitar players.

This is going to be a lot of fun! Let's get started.


  • Preview
  • Welcome to the Class (page 5 - 7)
  • Guitar Fundamentals (page 8-11)
  • Open Chords (page 12-13)
  • Barre Chords - Basic (page 14-17)
  • Arpeggios - Basic (page 18-21)
  • Rhythm Study (page 22-28)
  • Major Scale in C (page 29)
  • Techniques (page 30-32)
  • Types of 7th Chords (page 33-34)
  • Relative Chords (page 35-37)
  • Relative Modes (page 38-45)
  • Relative Chords with 7ths (page 46)
  • Arpeggios - 7ths (page 47-48)
  • Jam - Relative C Chords (page 49)
  • Types of 6 & 9 Chords (Page 50)
  • Relative Chords to the 9th Extension (page 51)
  • Arpeggios - 6s and 9s (page 52)
  • Various Types of Chords (page 53)
  • Chord Numbering (page 54)
  • The ii V I Change (page 55)
  • Intervals (page 56-57)
  • Relative Chords to the 13th Extension (page 58-59)
  • Arpeggios 6/9, 11, 13 (page 60-64)
  • Chord Tones & Dyads (page 65-66)
  • Reading Music (page 67-72)
  • Cycling 4ths (page 73)
  • Altered Chords (page 74-77)
  • Altered Arpeggios (page 78)
  • Whole Tone Scale (page 79)
  • Super Locrian Mode (page 80)
  • Diminished Scale (page 81)
  • Passing Dim7 Chords (page 82)
  • Passing Dominant Chords (page 83)
  • Tritone Substitution & Secondary Dominants (page 84-85)
  • Advanced Pentatonics (page 86-87)
  • Bebop Scales (page 88)
  • Jazz Progression 1 (page 89)
  • Jazz Progression 2 (page 90)
  • Honorable Mention (page 91-92)
  • Dominant in Music
  • Phrygian Dominant Scale
  • Lydian Dominant Scale
  • Altered Chords
  • CmM7
  • Dim7 Chords
  • Straight 8th vs Swinging 8ths
  • Backing Track - C 116 bpm
  • Backing Track - Cm 72 bpm
  • Backing Track - Eb 88 bpm
  • Backing Track - C 100 bpm
  • Backing Track - Bb 140 bpm

Taught by

Dan Dresnok

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