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Blockchain Architecture Design and Use Cases

NPTEL , IBM and Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur via Swayam

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The widespread popularity of digital cryptocurrencies has led the foundation of Blockchain, which is fundamentally a public digital ledger to share information in a trustworthy and secure way. The concept and applications of Blockchain have now spread from cryptocurrencies to various other domains, including business process management, smart contracts, IoT and so on. 
This course is a joint venture from academia and industry, where the target is to cover both the conceptual as well as application aspects of Blockchain. This includes the fundamental design and architectural primitives of Blockchain, the system and the security aspects, along with various use cases from different application domains.




Week 1
Introduction to Blockchain – I (Basics, History, Architecture, Conceptualization)
Basic Crypto Primitives
Week 2
Basic Crypto Primitives Continued..
Bitcoin Basics 
Distributed Consensus
Week 3
Consensus in Bitcoin – I (The Basics, PoW and Beyond, The Miners)
Permissioned Blockchain (Basics, Consensus)
Week 4
Permissioned Blockchain(RAFT Consensus, Byzantine General Problem, Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance)
Blockchain for Enterprise - Overview
Blockchain Components and Concepts
Week 5
Hyperledger Fabric – Transaction Flow
Hyperledger Fabric Details
Fabric – Membership and Identity Management
Hyperledger Fabric Network Setup
Fabric Demo on IBM Blockchain Cloud 
Week 6
Fabric Demo on IBM Blockchain Cloud continued..
Fabric Demo, deploy from scratch
Hyperledger Composer – Application Development
Hyperledger Composer – Network Administration
Blockchain Use Cases
Week 7
Blockchain in Financial Service(Payments and Secure Trading, Compliance and Mortgage, Financial Trade)
Revolutionizing Global Trade
Blockchain in Supply Chain
Week 8
Blockchain in Supply Chain Continued..
Blockchain in Other Industries
Blockchain in Government (Advantages, Use Cases, Digital Identity)
Week 9
Blockchain in Government(Hyperledger Indy, Tax Payments and Land Registry Records)
Blockchain Security (Overview, Membership and Access control in Fabric,Privacy in Fabric)
Week 10
Blockchain Security(Fabric SideDB)
Research Aspects(Consensus Scalability, Bitcoin-NG, Collective Signing, Byzcoin)
Week 11
Research Aspects(Algorand,Cross Fault Tolerance, Secured Multi-Party Computation)
Blockchain for Science (Blockchain for Big Data,Blockchain and AI)
Week 12
Comparing Ecosystems – Ethereum
Comparing Ecosystems – Ethereum development tools and Quorum
Comparing Ecosystems – Corda Part 1
Comparing Ecosystems – Corda Part 2
Concluding the course

Taught by

Prof. Sandip Chakraborty & Dr. Praveen Jayachandran

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