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Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms Using Python

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Instructor: Prof. Madhavan Mukund, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Chennai Mathematical Institute.

This course is an introduction to programming and problem-solving in Python. It does not assume any prior knowledge of programming. Using some motivating examples, the course quickly builds up basic concepts such as conditionals, loops, functions, lists, strings and tuples. It goes on to cover searching and sorting algorithms, dynamic programming and backtracking, as well as topics such as exception handling and using less. As far as data structures are concerned, the course covers Python dictionaries as well as classes and objects for denying user defined data types such as linked lists and binary search trees.


algorithms and programming: simple gcd.
improving naive gcd.
euclid's algorithm for gcd.
downloading and installing python.
assignment statement, basic types - int, float, bool.
control flow.
more about range().
manipulating lists.
breaking out of a loop.
arrays vs lists, binary search.
selection sort.
insertion sort.
mergesort, analysis.
quicksort analysis.
tuples and dictionaries.
function definitions.
list comprehension.
exception handling.
standard input and output.
handling files.
string functions.
formatting printed output.
pass, del() and none.
backtracking, n queens.
global scope, nested functions.
generating permutations.
sets, stacks, queues.
priority queues and heaps.
abstract datatypes, classes and objects.
classes and objects in python.
user defined lists.
search trees.
memoization and dynamic programming.
grid paths.
longest common subsequence.
matrix multiplication.
wrap-up, python vs other languages.

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  • Syeda Sameen Fatima
    Simply Amazing! It is an excellent course which starts simple yet covers all the concepts beautifully. Each and every resource is also made available. Surprisingly it also comes in different languages. I have taught several courses as Professor, Dep…

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