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Thermodynamics: Fluid Phase Equilibria in Mixtures

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Material Balances Review.
Gibbs Phase Rule.
Lever Rule Derivation (P-x-y Diagram).
Phase Equilibrium: Txy Diagram.
Pressure Effect on VLE.
Condense a Binary Mixture.
Fugacity Coefficients in VLE.
Add Component to Binary VLE Mixture.
Raoult's Law Explanation.
Raoult's Law: Entropy Explanation.
Add Non-Volatile Component to VLE System.
Three-Component Solution Fugacities.
Add One Component to Binary VLE System.
Binary Vapor: Partial Condensation.
Bubble Temperature Calculation.
Bubble Temperature (Raoult's Law).
Bubble Temperature: Raoult's Law (POLYMATH Solution).
Bubble Point Calculation for Condenser.
Dew Temperature Calculation/Excel Solver.
Flash Calculation: Raoult's Law.
Adiabatic Flash of Binary Liquid.
Adiabatic Flash of Binary Liquid (Spreadsheet Solution).
Binary VLE.
Energy to Evaporate Mixture.
What is Fugacity in a Mixture?.
What is Chemical Potential? (Single Component Systems).
What is Chemical Potential? (Multi-Component Systems).
Fugacity Temperature Dependence: Binary Mixture.
Partial Molar Properties.
Partial Molar Quantity.
Mixing Ideal Solutions.
Chemical Potential and Thermodynamic Activity.
What is an Activity Coefficient?.
Determine Bubble Pressure using a Margules Expression.
Excess Gibbs Free Energy.
Henry's Law.
VLE Calculations with Margules Equation.
Partial Molar Properties: Binary Solutions.
Batch Distillation: Azeotrope.
Osmotic Pressure Introduction.
Osmotic Pressure Derivation.
Molecular Weight of a Protein from Osmotic Pressure.
Bubble Temperature: Non-Ideal Liquid.
Bubble Temperature Non-Ideal Liquid/POLYMATH.
Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium using the Wilson Equation.
VLE using Wilson's Equation (POLYMATH).
Liquid-Liquid Equlibrium using UNIFAC.
VLE Calculations with UNIFAC.
VLLE for Immiscible Liquids.
Phases for Immiscible Liquids.
Partial Pressure: Immiscible Liquids.
Vapor-Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium.
Bubble Point Iteration.
Calculate VLE Using an EOS.
Calculate VLE using an EOS Spreadsheet.
Calculate Fugacities of Mixtures using an EOS Spreadsheet.
COSMOtherm: Pxy Diagram.
COSMOtherm: Boiling Temperatures and Bubble Points.
COSMOtherm: Activity Coefficients & Excess Gibbs Free Energy.
Gibbs Free Energy Change for Non-Ideal Solution.
Adiabatic Flash of Binary Liquid (POLYMATH Solution).
Phase Diagrams for Partially-Miscible Liquids.
Introduction to Non-Ideal Solutions.
Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Ideal Solution.
Define Bubble and Dew Points and Show on Graph.
Using a Right Triangle, Ternary Phase Diagram.
Gibbs Free Energy of Mixing and Liquid-Liquid Separation.
Energy Balance for Adiabatic Evaporation of Water into a Vacuum.
Release Gas from a Pressurized Tank.
Osmotic Pressure for Nonideal Solutions.
Calculate Molecular Weight from Osmotic Pressure for Nonideal Solution.
Introduction to Solubility.
Derive Equation for Boiling Point Elevation.
Raoult's Law Example.
Why a Solute Raises Boiling Point and Lowers Freezing Point.
Partial Molar Volume Example.
Determine Phase Composition and Amounts from Solid-Solid-Liquid Phase Diagram.
Change in Chemical Potential for Component in Ideal Gas Mixture.
Henry's Law Constant from Partial Pressure Data.
Immiscible Liquid Phase Equilibrium Example.
Isothermal Flash of a Ternary Mixture - Spreadsheet.
Isothermal Flash of a Ternary Mixture.
Vapor-Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium (Interactive Simulation).
P-x-y and T-x-y Diagrams for Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium (Interactive Simulation).
Bubble and Dew Points on P-x-y and T-x-y Diagrams (Interactive Simulation).

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