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25+ Hours of MATLAB Courses with Free Certificate

Guide to the MATLAB Academy platform, which offers 17 courses with a free certificate of completion.

MATLAB Academy: free certificate of completion

MathWorks, the company behind the MATLAB programming language and software, offers 17 free online courses through their MATLAB Academy platform.

The courses introduce learners to the MATLAB language and tools — with a focus on machine learning — and MathWorks’ specialized software, such as Simulink.

Most notably, MATLAB Academy courses include a free certificate of completion as well as an accompanying progress report.

In this article, we discuss MATLAB Academy, its online courses, and how to earn a free certificate.

Platform & Courses

MATLAB Academy: homepage (left) — video lesson (right)

As its name suggests, MATLAB Academy is MathWorks’ one-stop shop for learning MATLAB, and more generally, the MathWorks suite of software and tools.

The platform is dead simple. It takes the form of a list of resources broken down by subject, ranging from introductory free courses to more advanced paid courses. In this article, we focus on the free offerings.

MATLAB Academy’s resources essentially fall into two categories:

  • Introductions to the MATLAB language and tools.
  • Applications of MATLAB to topics like machine learning.
MATLAB Academy: web-based MATLAB learning environment

The courses interleave explanatory videos and practical activities that you’ll complete via a web-based version of MATLAB, which closely mirrors the experience you’d get installing the software locally.

The platform currently offers 30 online courses, 17 of them free, with 4 released in the last year. We’ll continue to update this article as the offering expands.

Here are all the free courses currently offered on MATLAB Academy:

Free Certificates: How to Earn One

MATLAB Academy: free progress report

To take a free course on MATLAB Academy and earn a free certificate, simply:

  1. Create a MathWorks account here.
  2. Enroll in one of the free courses above.
  3. Access your free certificate.

Once you enroll in a course, you’ll get immediate access to a certificate, like the one shown at the top of this article. The certificate lists your course progress. So if you want a 100% completion, you’ll still need to finish all the activities, naturally.

In addition, you’ll also get access to a progress report that lists the specific topics covered in the course as well as your per-topic progress, as you can see above.

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