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Review of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Courses

A review of Fundamentals of Business Finance, Fundamentals of Leadership, and Grow Your Business by Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women series.

Jiyoung, host.


Goldman Sachs has released a series of 10 short courses in their 10,000 Women series. They are also available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Hindi. I have taken three courses so far and here are my reviews.

Fundamentals of Business Finance

From “What is an Income Statement” lesson.

This course really opened my eyes to see all my previous losses, what I did wrong and how to improve in my business. The confidence of accountability I have now in my business is a result of this course.

Fundamentals of Leadership

What is your leadership style?

This course made me identify my mission and vision statement, also knowing my core values for my business.

This course really made me read and understand what I actually want in a business, how I want my environment to be, and how I intend to make my staff feel while working for me. This course is everything any business owner needs to go through.

With this course, you will have the need to get to actually know your staff: how to place them and rate their performance as they work for you; Giving them room to discuss and showcase their talents and their opinions really matters in a business. I always have this slogan I use when advising business owners: “The way you treat your staff will determine the rate at which they will help to grow your business. 75% of staff will always want positive results for their employer’s business while 25% will just want to work and earn a salary not minding how the business succeeds.” Treating your staff right can help save your business in the sense that nobody wants to lose the job they value and get treated right.

Attention to details: staff tends to pay great attention to details and their environment when the workplace is accommodating. 

To conclude, every business owner needs to embark on self discovery to find their purpose and they should also work on their expectations.

Grow Your Business

From “Selecting a growth opportunity” lesson, Ancient Living study case.

This course will make you see the need for growth in your business and work towards it. You will source for funds to expand your business in all areas.

I came across this course and decided to go for it because the little business I run doesn’t get a good turnover so I needed to generate more ideas for growth. Having an opportunity in the business helps maximize your growth potential. With this course, you will be able to select a growth opportunity alongside preparing you to generate ideas for more growth opportunities.

What’s next

I plan to take more courses in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women series.

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