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Ten Most Popular MOOCs Starting in January 2017

The best new free online courses starting in January 2017

Ten Most Popular January 2017

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Columbia University via edX
Learn the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and apply them. Design intelligent agents to solve real-world problems including, search, games, machine learning, logic, and constraint satisfaction problems.
Bookmark | 16th Jan, 2017

Speaking to inform: Discussing complex ideas with clear explanations and dynamic slides
University of Washington via Coursera
By the end of the course, you should be able to explain complex ideas vividly and accessibly, design clear and compelling presentation slides, convey your passion for a topic while maintaining your professional credibility, and speak dynamically from notes and/or a manuscript. Learners will record speeches, providing and receiving peer feedback.
Bookmark | 24th Jan, 2017

Taoism and Western Culture
via FutureLearn
Taoism, although its origins lie in Ancient China, has a far ranging global influence even to this day. Laozi offered inexhaustible truth for everything on earth in just 5,000 words. Taoism also enjoys equal popularity with the bible. On this course we’ll explore exactly how Taoism is being applied in today’s world.
Bookmark | 2nd Jan, 2017

Principles of Designing for Humans
University of Michigan via edX
Learn about human behavior and capabilities and how they impact user experience design.
Bookmark | 17th Jan, 2017

Introduction to Norwegian
University of Oslo via FutureLearn
Learn to speak, write and understand basic Norwegian, with this free, four-week, introductory foreign language course.
Bookmark | 16th Jan, 2017

Machine Learning
Columbia University via edX
Master the essentials of machine learning and algorithms to help improve learning from data without human intervention.
Bookmark | 16th Jan, 2017

Anatomy: Musculoskeletal and Integumentary Systems
University of Michigan via edX
Learn about the integumentary system (skin, hair, nails, and glands), and how the bones, joints, and muscles of the musculoskeletal system function.
Bookmark | 1st Jan, 2017

MATLAB and Octave for Beginners
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne via edX
Learn MATLAB and Octave and start experimenting with matrix manipulations, data visualizations, functions and mathematical computations.
Bookmark | 1st Jan, 2017

Statistics: Unlocking the World of Data
University of Edinburgh via edX
Explore the ideas and methods behind the statistics you encounter in everyday life.
Bookmark | 11th Jan, 2017

Data Science Math Skills
Duke University via Coursera
Data science courses contain math—no avoiding that! This course is designed to teach learners the basic math you will need in order to be successful in almost any data science math course and was created for learners who have basic math skills but may not have taken algebra or pre-calculus. Data Science Math Skills introduces the core math that data science is built upon, with no extra complexity, introducing unfamiliar ideas and math symbols one-at-a-time.
Bookmark | 9th Jan, 2017

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