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Best of All-Time Online Course

Improving Your Study Techniques

University of Groningen via FutureLearn


Develop effective study skills for life

Learning is a fundamental part of life; many of us continue studying even when we leave formal education. This means good study skills are vital for all of us. Many, however, lack these skills and struggle to study effectively.

This course aims to change that. Through the course you will learn to become a better student by learning to apply the ‘three-step model’ of studying: previewing, summarising and revising. You will consider your use of time and learn how to make a realistic study plan. You will also learn how to tackle procrastination, deal with stress and keep motivated while studying.

This course for anyone currently studying including full-time students and people studying for professional or personal development. It might also be useful to anyone involved in the learning process, for example teachers, student advisors and family.

Taught by

Maple Hupkens

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4.9 rating, based on 87 reviews

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    This is the third course on studying/learning that I've taken so far, and by far the best out of the three. It was spread across four weeks and taught me a lot, I don't know how much someone who already knows a good deal about studying would get from...
  • Profile image for Duc Le H.
    Duc Le H.
    What a wonderful course! There are so much to absorb: the TC method, reverse planning, interleaving, value-driven, dirty pain, the S.M.A.R.T principle, the backpack analogy, the 5-minute plan, and the list goes on (i can't write it all here haha) All...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    this is summary of what I learnt on the course. It was well put together and made me think more deeply about several things which I knew in a general way - topic comment summaries - three step method - previewing texts, studying, revising - revising...
  • Adrian C
    Improving Your Study Techniques has been one of the best courses in study methods. If anyone finds himself having a hard time with studies, this course will not solve the problems but will certainly provide the tools for facing the challenges of academic life.
    The structure of the course is adequate, and they have several evaluations (quizzes) during the course.
    They succeed in proposing the necessary procedures and attitudes for a good student. For procedures, I understand programming time, being realistic in one's goals, planning, and the methodology of studying. For attitudes, I mean fostering a mindset of growth rather than a fixed one.
    They also go into practical tips for a healthy academic life.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    For myself, I didn't find hearing from the students in videos particularly helpful and thought there were too many videos overall. Despite this, I am amazed at how concise each lesson was, presenting invaluable information so efficiently that each step was a breeze to understand. I cannot commend Anne-Miek Hermsen and Maple Hupkens enough. I am so grateful that my journey towards a degree has been relieved of some of its stress and am certain that the techniques described in this course will help keep me on track and prepared to do my best.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    This course is a must do for all parents and teachers as well as adult learners/students who would like to make their learning easier.This course tells you the process of effective studying , the importance of motivation ,planning, procrastination and mindsets.In our country we do not teach children how t o learn.Students have to undergo lots of undue stress for not knowing the right process of learning . I feel schools should start teaching these techniques at the earliest. No knowledge will be a waste. So request everybody to enroll for the course ASAP.Thank You
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    The target audience of the course is students and in my opinion every student should take it.
    Short videos and articles, a lot of visualisation and authentic feedback from the students themselves help to digest the content in no time.
    The course takes you on a journey of studying, what is there behind the lines, why you thoroughly enjoy some things and feel reluctant about others, why you avoid doing things and, most importantly, how to deal with all this stress about studying. Totally recommend it
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    I'm so Happy, this is my first Course with a Dutch University I loved it. You introduced us to various concepts in learning effectively and possible risks too. I intend to work with many students in the future, this course helped me to understand better the learning process, risks and solutions.

    Thank you Educators at Groningen and Future Learn for the opportunity!

    David Ojah MSc MA
  • Darrel James

    Darrel James completed this course.

    Concise, clear with well defined sections. I was disappointed that there wasn't a download which summarised the course on completion. I appreciate it's a free course but the availability of a written summary would make it much more useful and attractive.

    Nevertheless - dank u wel.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    I found this course to be very helpful and interesting. They cover how to deal with stress, procrastination, and motivation -among other things.
    No matter how old you are or what you are studying. This is a very useful course.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    The best course I ever took!!!
    It points you things you don't know and indirectly affect your performance. So by discovering them, you can tackle not only your studying activities more effectively but your entire life.
    I really recommend taking this course.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    Had an idea of most of the topics, but was good to see it formalised. Also learned new techniques for revising and studying
  • Anonymous
    This was a fantastic course. The videos and activities never take more than about two minutes individually, so each week of the course can be finished really quickly. I found it very easy to fit the class into my schedule. For a free course, they provide...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    The course helped me a lot, I could identify what I was doing wrong and now I am applying it a lot to my life. After the course, I could already see improvement on my studies, understand better about mindset, motivation, and the most important: planning my week in a reasonable way to make my schedule organised and focus. Its is also not very long or boring course, is very helpful for those who wants to succeed in your studies. Now I am more than happy to advice you through this feedback, if you have some spare time to start something that won't ask too much and will help you and give lots of tips of how you can make your day to day life better.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    This course gives valuable insights and help to gain the important skills to study effectively. The three step model-Preview-Read-Revise, is discussed at length during the course and is very much applicable. How to make short and long term SMART plans and keep yourself motivated are explained well in the course. Procrastination is a problem which most of the students face and while doing this course I learnt hoe to stop this. I also learnt about fixed mindset and growth mindset and how do they influence your motivation. I have improved a lot. Overall, I am very satisfied with the course contents and delivery and highly recommend for all students.
  • Profile image for Rishabh Rahul Jain
    Rishabh Rahul Jain

    Rishabh Rahul Jain completed this course.

    This may seem like an overstatement but, I've said this to my friends and family and I'll write it in my review;
    Improving Studying Techniques, is the best course out of the 200+ offline courses and 100+ online courses I've witnessed in my 20 years of life, yet.
    The information provided is scientific, concise and rarely available at other locations.
    It had a great balance of hands-on vs theoretical and animation vs live videos.
    I sincerely, recommend this to anyone who's looking forward to statistically significant improvement in their study as well as making their studies less stressful or "brain-friendly".
    All the best!
    Rishabh Jain.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    Have learned several new concepts and it helped me to emphasize the importance of repeating, revision in study.

    However, it only offers part of the scope, does not mention that
    1. you have to know that specific definition of a word that fits into the study scope,
    2. the reason you probably you do not get something is that you skipped some earlier gradients of complexity, so you have to cut it in order to understand something very complex
    3. and how to handle very abstract subject by visualizations.

    Recommended as you'll learn a lot of useful info and will broaden your understanding of the learning topics.

  • Fred Collman completed this course, spending 2 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be easy.

    This course was very useful, practical and motivational. Each week covers a separate aspect of learning. It's primarily aimed at (full-time) university students, but as a professional I still found most aspects relevant.
    Like most FutureLearn courses, there are a mix of videos, articles and discussions. The material is presented in a variety of ways, which makes it engaging. There are instructor videos, some animated videos, plus brief interviews with 3 students whose progress we follow.
    Highly recommended to anyone starting university, or to anyone interested in lifelong learning.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    This is a very interesting and deep course which will help you to improve yous studying skills in different aspekts:
    -time management, creating your own week and long-term plan with simple clear achieveable goals
    -dividing your study process into 3 parts-perview-study-revise
    -look at psycholigical aspekts of your stress, procrastination, motivation, delay
    - learn more how your self-esteem affects your chances being successful in learning
    - learning about gowth and fixed mindset which also will improve your study skills
    I am so in love with this course!!!
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    Very imformative and easy to absorb.
    You can start to apply what you've learnt right away.
    I am not a student anymore, but never stopped learning new things. However it was usually very frustrating as I couldn't really finish anything on time and had too many things going on.
    After completing this course I finally understood what I was doing wrong.
    There's still a long way ahead for me to improve my learning habbits, but I can already tell that when applying the knowledge from this course I feel more confident and efficient.
    Highly recommended.

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