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X-Particles 4 for Cinema 4D Essential Training

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Get started with X-Particles 4, the powerful Cinema 4D plugin that allows artists to quickly and easily create finely rendered fluid simulations, dynamics, and collisions.

X-Particles 4 is a stellar addition to Cinema 4D, allowing artists to quickly and easily create finely rendered fluid simulations, dynamics, and collisions. This course gets you started with this powerful plugin. Join Andy Needham as he walks through the Emitter interface, and shows how to use modifiers to change the look and behavior of particles. Andy demonstrates how to create visible particles, make fluid and fire simulations, and render your work. He also covers additional ways to sculpt particles, and shares helpful tips for enhancing your workflow.


  • Welcome
  • What you should know before watching this course
  • Using the exercise files
1. Getting Started with X-Particles
  • What is X-Particles?
  • What is new in X-Particles 4?
  • What can you do with the X-Particles plugin?
  • Quick-start guide
  • Setting up an X-Particles layout
  • Tour of the system object
2. Understanding the Emitter
  • Object tab
  • Emission and Extended Data tabs
  • Groups and Display tabs
  • Questions tab
  • Modifiers tab
  • Editing and Advanced tabs
  • Emitting particles from objects and textures
  • Using the emitter falloff controls
3. Modifiers Overview
  • What does a modifier do?
  • Using modifiers with falloffs
  • How do I get my particles to move around? (Turbulence)
  • Control particle attraction, repulsion, and targeting
  • Change particle speed, scale, and life
  • Using Weight to mix modifier strength
4. X-Particles Power Concepts
  • Groups
  • Triggering actions
  • Making particles collide
  • Inheritance
  • Data mapping
  • Caching simulations
5. Creating Visible Particles
  • Generate geometry from particles
  • Creating trails
  • Making networks and grid-like patterns
  • Create plant-like structures
  • Using the CellAuto object
  • Working with the OpenVDB Mesher
6. Dynamics and Constraints
  • Overview of dynamics and constraints
  • How do I make fluids effects?
  • How do I start a fire with ExplosiaFX?
  • Advecting particles and caching ExplosiaFX
  • Create custom turbulence with FlowField
  • Working with ClothFX
7. X-Particles Materials and Rendering
  • X-Particles material and render settings
  • Rendering C4D splines with the XP material
  • Using the XP Gaseous material
  • Lighting particles and volumetric rendering
8. Tags and Other Objects
  • Wet Map
  • Freezing particles
  • Newton gravity
  • Deformers
  • VertexMap Maker
  • Circle Packer
9. Other Ways of Sculpting Particles
  • Using C4D deformers
  • Using mograph effectors
  • Particle painting
10. Workflow Tips
  • Naming and organization
  • Installing icons to identify different parts of our simulation
  • Changing default settings
  • Saving and loading presets
11. Challenge
  • Challenge overview
  • Challenge solution
  • Next steps

Taught by

Andy Needham

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