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University of California, Davis

Research Report: Delivering Insights

University of California, Davis via Coursera


You have completed all the hard work of conducting your internal, secondary, and primary research. You have analyzed all the data and are able to formulate insights and recommendations based on your research proposal. But what is the best way to present your findings and be able to make a decision?

In this course, you will discuss how to incorporate a story in your marketing presentation to help you capture the attention and gain support of stakeholders and business leaders. You will choose the most effective analytical method for delivering your insights and the best presentation method for your given audience. You will incorporate data visualization best practices and use tips and tricks when presenting to your various levels of decision makers and stakeholders.


  • Getting Started & Synthesizing Findings and Deriving Insights
    • You’ve gathered your data from qualitative and quantitative market research. Where do you go from there? At this stage, you will need to synthesize your findings and derive valid and actionable insights that will help to solve the business problem. In this module, you will be able to find the story in the data and shape it to contribute to a compelling market research presentation. You will be able to synthesize the data, select the appropriate tools to analyze your product or service and determine how consumers view your market. You'll be able to evaluate Market Positioning and Market Segmentation; you will see how to use Conjoint Analysis to compare the relative value of product features or attributes, and Perceptual Maps to help tell the story of consumers in your market and provide actionable comparisons. You will also define terminology and essential concepts that will equip you to be conversant and more confident in the market research field.
  • Measuring Various Marketing Efforts
    • Up to this point, you’ve synthesized findings and derived insights to address a business problem. However, once you've implemented a marketing plan, seeking to reach the target market and engage them with the business, product or service, how do you know if the marketing efforts are working? That’s what you will focus on in this module. You will compare and contrast traditional advertising with digital advertising and social media marketing. You will be able to track consumers through the stages of the Purchase Funnel and plan ways to effectively market to them at each point along that journey toward a purchase. You will weigh the pros and cons of social media and word-of-mouth advertising that have become essential digital strategies. You will also be able to build and track a social media marketing plan, learning various effective ways to attribute sales back to specific marketing efforts.
  • Planning to Communicate Findings
    • Doing the research and analyzing the data is important, but how well you communicate those findings is critical. This module is all about equipping you to implement a plan to make sure that the way you communicate your market research is worthy of all the work that went into gathering and analyzing it. In this module, you will use proven methods for developing research-based recommendations, testing and refining your ideas before you create your presentation. You will be able to apply storytelling strategies to increase your impact. You will be able to select the best methods to deliver findings and choose the appropriate data visualization techniques for various situations and kinds of data. You will also be able to recognize the drawbacks of poor data visualization and make sure you are presenting your data and market research to help clients and stakeholders make marketing decisions that will solve the business problem and lead to success.
  • Designing and Presenting Ideas
    • There are certain expectations of a market research report or presentation. You have prepared to communicate your findings, however, you still have to construct your presentation. This module covers the building blocks and required sections that are industry standards in a market research presentation. In this module, you will review the essential sections of a market research report and offer further directions for designing visualizations of your data. You will be able to complete a market research presentation with the requisite sections and design a presentation that caters to a specific audience. You’ll be able to deliver research-based ideas and findings through a story that will cast your client in the hero role. You’ll also be able to deliver actionable recommendations that will help solve your client’s business problem. And, isn’t that the point of all the research done prior to this part of the process?

Taught by

Robin Boyar and Ashwin Aravindakshan, PhD


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