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Invertebrate Paleontology and Paleobotany

Utah State University via YouTube


How good is the fossil record?.
How do you describe a fossil specimen?.
What is ontogenetic variation?.
How do you sample a fossil population?.
How do you name a new fossil species?.
How do you assemble a cladogram or phylogenetic tree using fossils?.
How do you identify a fossil?.
How do you use fossils to tell time?.
How can fossils reveal what the ancient marine environment was like?.
What does a fossil community tell you about the periodcity of catastrophic events?.
How has paleontology revolutionize the study of evolution?.
What are the major events in the history of life?.
What evidence do we have of the earliest single celled life in the fossil record?.
What is so important about fossil sponges?.
What are Cnidarians and what has their fossil record revealed about the history of life?.
What are Fossil Bryozoans?.
What are Brachiopods?.
What are the major groups of fossil Molluscs?.
What does the fossil record reveal about the evolution of Echinoderms?.
What are Fossil Graptolites, and why are they useful in geology?.
What are Trilobites and Other Fossil Arthropods?.
What is Ichnology?.
Why study fossil plants?.
What are some of the problems in studying fossil plants?.
Lecture 28 Fossil Algae.
Lecture 27 Fossil Fungi.
How did plants colonize the land, based on what we know from modern plants?.
How did plants colonize the land, based on the fossil record?.
How did plants become forests during the Carboniferous?.
What is the fossil record of Horsetails?.
How did the first seed plants (the Gymnosperms) evolve?.
How good is the fossil record of Cycads?.
How did gymnosperms diversify during the early Mesozoic to become a modern dominate plant group?.
What is the significance of the fossil record of Ginkgo?.
How can you use fossil leaves to study past climates?.
Has Darwin’s Abominable Mystery been solved?.
What is an Angiosperm?.
The Fossil Plants of the Green River Formation of Utah, Wyoming and Colorado..

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Benjamin Burger


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