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Ten Most Popular MOOCs Starting in July 2016

The best new free online courses starting in July 2016

Tricky English Grammar
University of California, Irvine via Coursera
Learn tips that will help you understand the rules more easily and give you lots of practice with the tricky grammar of everyday English.
Bookmark | Starts 25th July, 2016

Sponsored Iowans and the Struggles Against Anti-Black Racism
Iowa State University via Canvas.net
An examination of the Civil Rights movement in Iowa then and now.
Starts July 1st, 2016

Japanese Culture Through Rare Books
Keio University via FutureLearn
Explore the important roles that books have played in the cultural history of Japan.
Bookmark | Starts 18th Jul, 2016

World Religions Through Their Scriptures

Hinduism Through Its Scriptures
Harvard University via edX
Learn about the rich diversity of Hindu sacred texts – hymns, narratives, philosophical thought – and their interpretations.
Bookmark | Starts 5th July, 2016

Organizational Behavior: Managing People
IESE Business School via Coursera
The objective of this course is to provide insight into four key areas in the domain of organizational behavior: Motivation, Leadership, Teamwork, and Organizational culture.
Bookmark | Starts 11th July, 2016

Developing Intelligent Apps
Microsoft via edX
Learn how to create intelligent apps using Microsoft Azure machine learning APIs..
Bookmark | Starts 11th July, 2016

Social Media Analytics: Using Data to Understand Public Conversations
Queensland University of Technology via FutureLearn
How can you tap into social media conversations, and discover what’s being said about the things that matter to you?
Bookmark | Starts 18th Jul, 2016

Question Everything: Scientific Thinking in Real Life

Question Everything: Scientific Thinking in Real Life
University of Queensland via edX
Learn how to use math and science to solve everyday problems and better prepare yourself to continue studying science in high school and beyond.
Bookmark | Starts 12th July, 2016

Bayesian Statistics
Duke University via Coursera
This course describes Bayesian statistics, in which one’s inferences about parameters or hypotheses are updated as evidence accumulates.
Bookmark | Starts Jul, 2016

Process Mining with ProM
Eindhoven University of Technology via FutureLearn
Use the free, open source process mining framework (ProM) to analyse, visualise, manage and improve a range of business processes.
Bookmark | Starts 11th July, 2016

Algorithms on Strings
University of California, San Diego via Coursera
World and internet is full of textual information. We search for information using textual queries, we read websites, books, e-mails. All those are strings from the point of view of computer science. To make sense of all that information and make search efficient, search engines use many string algorithms.
Bookmark | Starts 25th July, 2016

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