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New Cohort: Uncommon Sense Teaching with Barbara Oakley (Starts Jan 17)

Let’s learn about neuroscience and education with acclaimed instructor Barbara Oakley, who has 4M learners worldwide.

With over 4 million learners, Barbara Oakley is one of the most popular instructors in the world. Five of her courses are in Class Central’s Best of All Time rankings.

In this Cohort, we’ll have the rare opportunity to learn directly from Barbara Oakley herself. We’re going to take her course Uncommon Sense Teaching on Coursera. And we’ll meet weekly with @barb for an hour-long Zoom session to discuss what we’ve learned and ask questions.

The Cohort starts on January 17. It’s free and open to everyone. Enroll here!

Uncommon Sense Teaching

Uncommon Sense Teaching combines insights from neuroscience and the classroom to provide practical new approaches to teaching. You will discover how to bring out the best from your students, while helping them deliver better results in an engaging learning environment. And by learning how to become better instructors, you’ll also learn how to become better learners.

If you haven’t taken one of Barb’s courses before, you can find a taster above. During our inaugural webdev bootcamp, we had the chance to listen to Barb and Zach Caceres talk about the neuroscience of learning, the topic at the center of the course we’ll take in the Cohort.

This experience will be powered by Class Central Cohorts, our social learning platform for open courses. There are more Cohorts starting in Spring 2022, including two bootcamps that you can see below, and thousands of your peers have already enrolled. You can find all the Cohorts here. Come learn with us!

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