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University System of Maryland

Marketing Innovative Products and Services

University System of Maryland and University of Maryland, College Park via edX


Marketing innovative products and services occurs in an ever-changing environment, and requires rapid decision making with incomplete information. These innovations are introduced at increasingly frequent intervals, and there are high mortality rates for products and services, and the businesses themselves.

Our course provides a practical, how-to guide for navigating these marketing challenges to bring innovative new products and services to market. With learning modules on product strategy, go-to-market strategies, and growth strategies, you will build your skills in understanding and applying the latest marketing strategies and tactics. We’ll explore how to develop an informed marketing plan that aligns with customer needs based on real market research.

Learn the latest strategies for customer discovery, interviews and focus groups, product design, product development, content marketing, social media marketing, and marketing campaign management. The course will provide a balance between conceptual discussions based on readings of concepts and practices, and applied, hands-on analysis with real projects.


Module 1: Product Strategy

We’ll begin with introducing why it’s important to build a business case for your innovation. Key topics will include business model, value propositions, customer profiles, value maps, product-market fit, and industry analysis.

Module 2: Go To Market Strategies

Once the product strategy is established, we’ll consider go-to-market strategies. This begins with setting your marketing objectives. We’ll discuss pricing strategies, channel strategies, positioning, and messaging strategies. We’ll also introduce the minimum viable product (MVP) experience.

Module 3: Growth Strategies

In our growth strategies segment, we’ll examine marketing optimization strategies. Creating and managing your social media marketing activities and search engine optimization (SEO) are key to this step. Branding and sales will also be explored.

Module 4: Next Steps

In the final segment, we’ll discuss why new ventures fail, and how effective marketing impacts the success of a venture. We’ll discuss what is means to make the decision to Pivot, Persevere, or Pass? We’ll also discuss types of pivots, and how these influence the ongoing success of companies.

Taught by

Lola Koiki


5.0 rating, based on 74 Class Central reviews

4.5 rating at edX based on 29 ratings

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  • The Marketing Innovative Products and Services, course was very excellent and Amazing.

    Excellent Teacher with well explanation.

    Good luck for all the team members!
  • Dimitar Pavlov Ganchev
    I was always interested in marketing, and I found this course to be very helpful. The lectures are both easy to understand and full of valuable information, which is most importantly presented in a way that makes the material/topic more interesting. All of the modules focus on various topics and examples that a person will benefit from if one plans to start his/her entrepreneurial journey. Taking this course was definitely a great decision, you get to learn more about how the modern day markets function and what a person/startup/company needs to be competitive and successful.
  • Profile image for Shubham Pal
    Shubham Pal
    Namaskaar , My name is Shubham pal from India( Bharat ) I love the lecture in a way that is proceeding and the teacher is awesome in the way she is teaching. Thank you very much for this lecture.... Dhanyawaad
  • Anonymous
    It was a valuable course, yes some of the information wasn't new to me but it was refreshing. Most likely I learned a lot and I can't wait to begin implementing what I hav acquired.
  • Anonymous
    Marketing innovative products and services is a great course,well detailed, great analysis,and well put together by the facilitator,Lola Koiki. I enjoyed it. Thank you.
  • Anonymous
    This is a valuable class that provides fundamental knowledge about marketing. The teacher explains the information clearly.
  • Anonymous
    Me encantó ser parte del curso, logre expandir mis conocimientos acerca del marketing. Me siento muy agradecida por todo el apoyo que me dio este curso y además me gastaría agradecer por los valiosos conocimientos que aportó el curso en mí.
  • Anonymous
    Thumbs up ! excellent course. i never thought that i want a resume of my hole last semester that i am doing in Colombia of Marketing and International business program in Sergio Arboleda in Barranquilla. I learnt a lot of how to apply all the process of creating a product to making an analysis that my strategies of marketing are good or bad for my business . Then doing the quices, it makes me feel that i have learned. I like the method of professor Laila use and teachs with easy examples. Lot of new terms and easy to understand the theory. Thanks a lot teacher! then, i would finish the semestre, i want to apply this to real life and make my own business beacuse i have all the theory.
  • Anonymous
    It was a great course. It helped me gain a lot of information on marketing strategies and how to use them properly. The course instructor has explained the course in a nice and easy way with a lot of examples. The examples made the topics to be understood more easily. I would recommend this course to people who want to learn about marketing strategies.
  • Valdenir
    excellent course with clear and practical teaching. I learned step by step how to start a startupwith short videos the material is well explained.
    we can commit to looking for a product or service that solves our potential customer's problem.
  • Anonymous
    The design of this course is perfect for anyone to understand about the topic. Everything is crisp and clear also making sure that the learner doesn't get bored.
    Very much recommended for those who are enthusiatic for marketing and sales.
  • Anonymous
    This is really valuable information. The program structure is excellent since it takes a rational approach to understanding the process of product invention.
  • Anonymous
    wonderful class was so motivating and encouraging with basic knowledge of marketing for launching the products with high confidence after taking this class
  • Anonymous
    Our instructor Lola Koiki is extremely knowledgable on the subject matter and her deep insights and simple ways of explaining complex marketing concepts really impressed me. Her tone of voice is extremely easy to grasp and follow along for both native and non native speakers of English. I am exteremely grateful towards Edx platform and University of Maryland system to have brought such insightful course for the larger audience around the world, to learn, explore and expand their horizons from the comfort zone of your home computer at your own pace. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and highly recommended to anyone pursuing to expand their knowledge on marketing.
  • Anonymous
    From this course I understand what i am falling behind. From the course i got some key concepts and understanding.
  • Profile image for Kate Durr
    Kate Durr
    Really helpful course with excellent usable structures and frameworks. Unlike traditional academic courses that are much longer I feel it really gives you the key language and concepts that you need to work in more technical and innovative environments. I am doing another CIM course in innovation - and actually I think this gets down to most of the key ideas to make the academic course more useful.
  • Anonymous
    I'm a college student who aspires to market several innovative products and services at the highest efficiency in the future. This course helped me to start my journey in this field the right way by equipping me with all the tools needed for me to achieve my business goals. This course is a must for all the people out there who want to bring your new product or service to the market and effectively market it to your intended customers. This course is very informative. I particularly liked how the lecturer taught the subjects. She made it crisp and clear to understand. I was fully satisfied with my experience during this course.
  • Anonymous
    it is really helpful even for someone like me with a marketing background. there's so much you will learn more in-depth and you can apply it in your daily routine. def will be taking the next course
  • Anonymous
    Marketing Innovative Products and Services from University of Maryland(edX) is a Great Class and I learned a lot on how to do planning and executing marketing innovative product strategy.
  • Anonymous
    This course provided a great introduction to marketing innovative products.

    It was well presented, had clear infographics and used great examples to illustrate the concepts being taught.

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