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Optimize Google Ad Manager to Meet Objectives

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Expand and deepen your understanding and usage of Google Ad Manager's features to achieve your business objectives and drive revenue growth. Ad Manager can help you optimize your monetization strategies, make more impactful decisions, and grow your digital advertising business. After completing this intermediate learning path, you’ll be able to: Utilize Ad Manager tools to start, expand and negotiate a Programmatic Guaranteed deal Run key Ad Manager reporting combinations to meet your business needs Evaluate and adjust your Ad Manager in-app setup to drive revenue Utilize Ad Manager tools and insights to evaluate opportunities and maximize yield Configure Ad Manager's video solutions to support your video ads needs Note: This offering is currently being expanded, so check out our new content as it becomes available. Some courses contain links to sites that may not be available in your preferred language or that require you to select your language.


  • Manage your Programmatic Guaranteed Deals: Discover the benefits and practical steps to run Programmatic Guaranteed Deals in a way that meets your business goals
    • Engage with Programmatic Guaranteed
    • Starting the Programmatic Guaranteed Negotiation Process
    • Managing Creatives in Programmatic Guaranteed Deals
    • Negotiate Programmatic Deals
    • How Buyers Conduct Programmatic Guaranteed Deals
  • Boost Your Video Monetization with Google Ad Manager: Deliver on your video monetization goals with Ad Manager's video solutions. Before you deep dive, we recommend you complete the Fundamentals of Video training on the Google Ad Manager learning path.
    • Understand the Features and Value of Google Video Solution
    • Set Up and Manage Content Ingestion
    • Set Up and Manage Video Ad Rules
    • Understand Video Reporting Capabilities
    • Troubleshoot Common Issues with Video Ads
  • Drive Revenue with Open Bidding: Use Open Bidding to allow multiple third-party ad sources to compete for your ad inventory in one, real-time first price auction.
    • Get to Know Open Bidding
    • Set up Open Bidding
    • Report on Open Bidding Performance
  • Explore Creatives with Google Ad Manager: Explore in-article and in-feed video ads and native creative types. Learn how to create and run these popular creatives in Google Ad Manager to grow your yield.
    • Implement In-article and In-feed Video Ads
    • Create Immersive and Engaging Ads with Native
  • Forecast Accurately with Google Ad Manager: Learn how to make forecast adjustments.Examine what happens when you add key values or new ad units, as well as how seasonality and overbooking can affect forecasting.
    • Forecast Accurately with Google Ad Manager
  • Use Reporting to Monitor Performance: Use Ad Manager reporting to monitor performance across your network. Generate reports to evaluate campaign health, achieve common reporting scenarios, and troubleshoot performance changes in your network.
    • Report on Your Guaranteed Campaigns
    • Troubleshoot Performance Using Reports
  • Comprehensive Yield Management in Ad Manager: Learn about Google Ad Manager's suite of yield management solutions.
    • Use Ad Manager's Yield Management Solutions
    • Use Reports to Evaluate Yield
    • Drive Yield with Opportunities & Experiments
  • Advanced Google Ad Manager Apps: Unlock inventory opportunities with enhanced app ad formats, and learn how to troubleshoot in-app using Google Ad Manager.
    • Set Up Apps to Monetize in Google Ad Manager
    • Unlock Inventory with Enhanced App Formats
    • Evaluate App Performance Using Google Ad Manager


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