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New Online Courses and MOOCs added in January 2019

275 new online courses and MOOCs from 70 universities added to Class Central in January 2019.















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Dhawal is the CEO of Class Central, the most popular search engine and review site for online courses and MOOCs. He has completed over a dozen MOOCs and has written over 200 articles about the MOOC space, including contributions to TechCrunch, EdSurge, Quartz, and VentureBeat.

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  1. Wilma Guillot

    Would be interesting Advanced Clinical Assessment and Advanced Pathophysiology Courses being available in the Healthcare list.
    Thank you!

  2. Shaukat Mahmood Khan

    9th Febraury, 2019

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    I am managing an NGO assisting female teachers and parents from remote and less developed areas in Pakistan to assist them how to teach pre primary children age 3 to 7 years old. I would love to see some free courses on Early Children Education and Montessori Education in order to prepare training material for them….

    Your support is needed and will be appreciated……..

    Best regards

    Shaukat Mahmood Khan
    Hajana Educational Foundation
    Lahore, Pakistan

  3. Carlton Williams

    Dear Sir, thank you for showing all of these courses. Unfortunately as regards moocs, there does seem to be quite a drought as regards my two favourite subjects; Astrobiology and Nanotechnology/medicine. Outside of moocs there is not even a single undergraduate degree in either subject available online. Here we are on the verge of commercial space transportation and Space tourism, cubesats with Nano components are scanning the planets, an abundance of sci-fi programs dealing with other life-form themes flood the viewing public etc; and yet a strange vacuum persists between doing an introductory course in Astrobiology online and an MSc in Astrobiology online of which there are many courses. There remains a strange chasm in between as deep as the Grand Canyon…where is the bridge? Where are, and why are there not any online undergraduate degree courses in Astrobiology that succeed the online introductory courses in the subject and preceed the online Masters courses. It is such an obvious omission that I feel compelled to comment about it. Every student who completes online Astrobiology courses is then left in a limbo as regards looking for that BSc course which will provide the logical next step because it simply is not there, unless the online student opts to travel to the U.S.A and the Florida Institute of Technology. And even they remain the only academic institution on the entire planet to provide a (non-online) undergraduate degree in Astrobiology (all kudos to them). That said, I think the moocs and the concept of moocs is fantastic. I have recently completed one with MITx and it was great. If you might pass the word I and I’m sure a great many other students would be appreciative. With very kind regards.


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