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25+ Free Coursera Certificate Courses to Kick Off 2021 [Ends Jan 31]

The limited-time offer includes courses from Stanford, Michigan, Illinois, University of Sydney, and more.

Coursera Free Certificates

The COVID-19 lockdowns around the globe led to unprecedented interest in online courses.

In late March 2020, Coursera responded by introducing free certificates for around 100 online courses. Initially, the plan was for these to remain free until the end of May. But the offer proved so successful for Coursera, that it was extended — first until July 31, then until the end of 2020.

Now, to kick off 2021, Coursera is allowing its learners to redeem a free certificate course from a list of 25+ courses. Each learner can redeem just one course. The offer is valid until January 31, 2021.

The promotion includes courses from the University of Michigan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Sydney, Berklee College of Music, and more. Some courses about COVID-19 from Johns Hopkins and Stanford University also currently have free certificates.

How to Redeem a Free Course?

To redeem a course:

  1. Click on the course name in the list below.
  2. Click on the Go to Class button, on the top right.
  3. Wait for the promo bar to appear at the top.
  4. Click on Enroll for Free.
  5. Log in or join Coursera.
  6. Verify that course fee has been waived, like on the image below.
Free course confirmation
The course fee should now be reduced to zero.

Below, you can find the list of courses with a free certificate.

Coursera Free Certificate Courses

You can redeem one of the following courses for free until January 31, 2021.

Johns Hopkins & Stanford COVID-19 Courses with Free Certificates

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Comments 22

  1. Avatar

    Peer Strickler

    It seems that you can enroll in only ONE of the courses for free. So, pick wisely…

    • Manoel Cortes Mendez

      Manoel Cortes Mendez

      Thanks. The article has been updated to reflect this.

    • Avatar


      Not at all, I was able to enroll in more than one. You just have to exit Coursera after enrolling in one and redo the steps for the other courses you would like to enroll in as well.

      • Suparn Patra

        Suparn Patra

        When I tried to enroll in more than one course then it says:
        “Promotion Limit Reached
        Sorry, you reached the limit for redeeming the NY Activation Promo 21 courses.”

        But it seems I can enroll in COVID-19 courses (2nd list in the article) and even if it says only one person one course, I’m able to enroll in more than one COVID-19 courses from the 2nd list but not from 1st list.

        Anyways, In most of the cases, condition changes based on Country, account type (University partner) and so on. Like, I get access to a group of free certificate courses from Futurelearn as I’m from India (Ref.: )

  2. Avatar


    Thank you for the content.

    How can one get the certificate?
    It only charges me or let me audit.

    • Suparn Patra

      Suparn Patra

      After clicking on Go To Class on Class Central, when you arrive to the course page on Coursera, wait for the promotional banner to appear at the top, and only then click on Enroll for Free. If you don’t see the banner, please refresh.
      FYI, Free banner doesn’t work on Coursera mobile app. You may need to try from browser only.

      • Avatar


        Hi, I have a question. So if I enrol free for instance 3 days before the offer ends and start learning a twenty hour course, when the free discount ends, will I still be able to recieve the certificate? My question is do I have to complete the course until the offer ends? Or it doesn’t matter?

        • Dhawal Shah

          Dhawal Shah

          I think you have 6 months to finish the course from the date of enrollment. This is their standard policy even if you pay for the course.

  3. Avatar

    Sakhawat Hossain

    Why only one dear coursera?

  4. Avatar

    kavya gupta

    These aren’t free of cost. The certificate cost is included in the course. Kindly give a full proof info for further reference.

  5. Avatar


    Please also provide some free certification courses!!
    It will too much helpful for us!!

    • Suparn Patra

      Suparn Patra

      The article is updated and a few more courses are added to the free certificate list

  6. Avatar


    i enrolled for free from phone but after giving 1st test it is showing to pay fees

    • Suparn Patra

      Suparn Patra

      When I checked, free certificate banner doesn’t show up in mobile app.
      So try checking from browser (Laptop/desktop).

      After clicking on Go To Class on Class Central, when you arrive to the course page on Coursera, wait for the promotional banner to appear at the top, and only then click on Enroll for Free. If you don’t see the banner.

  7. Avatar


    Is python for everybody course is free in coursera?

    • Suparn Patra

      Suparn Patra

      In this article, we have list Coursera courses which offers free certificate.

      Anyways, python for everybody course from Coursera is free to audit that means you can watch videos but to earn certificate you may need to pay/apply for financial aid/enrol for free trial.

      You may refer the article in case you wish to know how to enrol for free.

  8. Avatar


    After I click on the course of psychological first aid and log in and click enroll for free the the page that opens for me has two options: 1. 40euro for certification 2. no certification and free
    What should I do

  9. Avatar

    Rafiqul Islam

    How can I enrol in a course of Coursera?

  10. Avatar


    do you have a free online courses about managing the library???

    • Avatar


      Hi. Thanks for this article! Do we need to finish the course by January 31? Or is it just the deadline for enrollment?

      • Dhawal Shah

        Dhawal Shah

        I think you have 6 months to finish the course from the date of enrollment.


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